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Alberta Dusters

The Alberta Dusters were another far-flung entry into the CBA during its early days of massive geographic expansion. The Dusters had originally planned to join a Canadian basketball circuit, but when that fell through, they joined up with the CBA. The CBA at that time had an ever-changing circuit of teams from all over the North American continent, including as far as Hawaii and Alaska. For their first season in 1980-81, the Dusters' "close" rivals were the Montana Golden Nuggets, Billings Volcanos (recently relocated from Hawaii!), and the Anchorage Northern Knights. They would even have to go as far east as Maine and New Jersey. The Dusters would only last two seasons and were unsuccessful on the court, winning only 11 and then 12 games in their two seasons. They originally played at the Sportsplex in Lethbridge and then moved to Winston Churchill High School. The franchise would relocate to Las Vegas for 1982-83 and become the Las Vegas Silvers, but moved on to Albuquerque halfway through their first season.