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Columbus Horizon

The Columbus Horizon were an Ohio-based basketball team that played in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) from 1989 - 1994 and were previously known as the Charleston Gunners. They played at the Expo Center on the Ohio Fairgrounds, as most Columbus indoor sports teams did in those days.

The Horizons well-known player Jay Burson, was the all-time leading high school scorer in the history of Ohio basketball. Burson tried out for the Houston Rockets and got cut during training camp. This led to Burson joining the Horizons and averaging 13.6 points per game during the 1989-90 season.

The Horizon were never a good team though, and in their five years in Ohio they would never win more than 23 games in a 56 game season. The team had the worst attendance in the CBA during their existence and had small crowds even in the relatively small Expo Center. After losing enough money, they packed up for Shreveport, LA, in 1994 and became the Shreveport Storm.